Human of Beautiful Business: Keira Havens, Co-Founder and CEO, Revolution Bioengineering

On making biotechnology beautiful

Keira Havens is a scientist with a love for beauty, who calls upon us to think twice about what a GMO is and what it could be.

Founder and CEO of Revolution Bioengineering, her company designs beautiful, color changing flowers. Her first design turned flowers from white to pink with the addition of ethanol, allowing you to, as she jokes, ‘share a beer with your garden’. Her second design was a flower that changes color throughout the day.

This is, she explains in her TEDx talk on the subject, a genetic modification of the flower and she believes that if we can overcome our preconceived notions of GMO’s, we can, through good design and careful engineering, make a real difference in the world; for example by reducing vitamin deficiencies in the developing world, or creating a synthetic alternative to insulin.

Interestingly, her work has created an exciting bridge between the worlds of art and science, as it is artists who are most interested in the potential of her work. As the dreamers and visioners, she observes that “they can imagine a new world where we aren’t constrained by fear but are considering a world we want to build that can be facilitated with this technology”.

Keira will be sharing her latest views on beautiful science at the House of Beautiful Business taking place in Lisbon before and during Web Summit, November 3–10, 2017. Alongside start-up founders, executives, nonprofit leaders, investors, writers, philosophers, scientists, designers, technologists, artists, we will be discussing and prototyping how to lead with purpose and passion; how to build human companies and workplaces; and how to design for deeper connections in an age of exponential change and massive societal disruption.

Hosted in collaboration with the BCG Henderson Institute, the House will serve as salon, stage, and sandbox for people who are keen on rehumanizing business and exploring meaningful conversations around humanity and technology. You can find more information and buy tickets at: