Lourenço Lucena, Perfume Composer

Watch our video interview for an appetizer of what to expect at Lourenço’s sensorial dinner party

Credit: Glow Chef

If you hadn’t caught it from the video, Lourenço Lucena is a man of passion.

A multi-talented perfume composer and CEO of design-agency Blug, he believes that for a more beautiful future we must change our mindset. Yet he approaches this not through the intellect but through the senses.

His “10 Commandments” are a collection of the qualities he believes we each need to cultivate to create a better future for humanity. They range from Empathy to Honesty, Passion to Play.

He will be introducing us to these Commandments during a sensorial dinner at the House of Beautiful Business on November 5th, 2017 in Lisbon.

As a perfume composer, Lourenço has the ability to match a story or a mood to a scent. He will pair each of his Commandments with a specific aroma, that evokes the quality of that Commandment. Authenticity for example conjures up the smell of leather to him, and Honesty is represented by the uncomplicated trueness of natural cedarwood, while Play and Dance are evoked through passionfruit.

Then it’s over to Massimo Sanfelice, our House chef to work his magic, conjuring up a dishes to bring Lourenço’s Commandments to our lips.

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