Join us at The House of Beautiful Business! Lisbon, November 3–10, 2017

“If software is eating the world, we might as well have a glass of wine with it”

We look forward to welcoming you to the House of Beautiful Business! In collaboration with the BCG Henderson Institute, the House is a pop-up community for meaningful conversations about technology and humanity. Taking place in Lisbon before and during Web Summit, the House will serve as salon, stage, and sandbox for people who are keen on rehumanizing business in a playful and intimate setting.

The Journal of Beautiful Business, a curation of the speakers, views and outputs of the House, caught up with its curators Tim Leberecht (co-founder of The Business Romantic Society), and Martin Reeves (Director of the BCG Henderson Institute):

Journal: What is the inspiration for the House?

Martin: It is time for an optimistic antidote to the doom and gloom we often hear regarding AI. It is clear that the rules have changed, but we are keen on co-creating a positive vision for the future of business that makes the sum of exponential technology and humanity more than just the sum of the parts. To do so, we must look beyond conventional thinking and allow for unorthodox, eccentric perspectives from various disciplines.

Inside the House of Beautiful Business, Lisbon

Journal: What will you be exploring in Lisbon?

Tim: We are creating a space to both reflect on as well as play and experiment with the future of business. When we hosted the inaugural House of Beautiful Business during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, we were encouraged by the enthusiastic response. In Lisbon, we will maintain the same personal atmosphere, while at the same time expanding the playing-field. Because the House will take place before and during Web Summit, the relationships between humans and technology will be a key focus. Other topics will range from conscious capitalism, soulful organizations, to the role of the humanities in strategy, Artificial Emotional Intelligence, and the future of identity.

The House is like a guild of soul-searchers in the age of machines, but it’s not a matter of technology vs. humanity but rather humanity through technology.

House of Beautiful Business, Barcelona, February 2017

Journal: Who can we expect to find there?

Tim: The House will attract a diverse mix of founders, nonprofit leaders, investors, writers, philosophers, scientists, designers, technologists, artists. The common thread? A desire to explore how to lead with purpose and passion; how to build human companies and workplaces; and how to design for deeper connections in this age of exponential change and massive societal disruption.

House of Beautiful Business, Barcelona, February 2017

The Locations

The events will unfurl in The Studio (our day-to-day social hub in the Chiado district for intimate events, co-working, and communing) and The Palacio (the Palacio de Conde de Óbidos, where we will hold a public kick-off, a full-day conference on Nov. 5th, receptions, workshops, and other gatherings).

A taste of what to expect:

For more information and tickets, please visit the House of Beautiful Business