Human of Beautiful Business: Ariane Conrad, The Book Doula

On nurturing world-changing ideas and the people behind them

Like the rest of the humans involved with the House of Beautiful Business, Ariane Conrad is a conscious optimist. She believes in the power of storytelling and the humanizing potential of the sharing economy. She’s inspired by positive alternatives and is unafraid of challenging the status quo to get there.

As a part of those efforts, Ariane has devoted the majority of the last ten years to helping remarkable people tell their stories.

Bringing anything into the world can be daunting, and condensing a lifetime of experience into a format others can benefit from is a particularly challenging task. That’s where Ariane comes in. She helps leaders from diverse backgrounds share their expertise in ways both accessible and appropriately inspiring. She accompanies individuals through the process of defining, composing, and publishing books. Her creative assistance, supportive approach, and long-term commitment are expressed in her sobriquet The Book Doula.

The goal of each of these works is never purely autobiographical, however. All the projects she’s worked on have a larger purpose. The Green Collar Economy. The Age of Dignity. The Story of Stuff. (To name a few…) The people she works with are “building the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible”. “They’re not fighting against,” she says, “they’re building something up,” and Ariane’s contributions are catalytic in this process.

How can we share the stories that will bring us towards the futures we want to see? How can sharing responsibility foster connection and trust? How can we each find our niche in a purposeful ‘post-work’ economy?

As a advocate of new societal models, a pioneering professional herself, and “champion of champions”, Ariane has perspectives we’re looking forward to hearing more of.

Ariane will be among the residents at the next installment of the House of Beautiful Business in Lisbon this November 3–10, 2017. More information, tickets, and a peek inside the two beautiful spaces we’ll be inhabiting during Web Summit can be found here.