Give a Toast to Being Afraid of the Dark! And Explore How Artists and Technologists Define “The Exponentially Human Experience”

What’s on at the House — Day 6, Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Meet residents, partners, and special guests over Breakfast with Humans. Get ready for the day with a healthy breakfast courtesy of House Chef Massimo Sanfelice, and attend a very special kind of press conference.

The Studio space will be open and free to use all day for co-working, networking, and hanging out. Get creative in our music studio or browse through the Library of Beautiful Business, featuring curiosities and artifacts from our House residents. Stop by the “Humans of New Work” exhibition by Soulworx, a photo-documentary series of profiles on the new faces of human-centered work. Or discover your AI alter-ego with Indeed. We’ll keep you supplied with snacks, beverages, and power outlets!

Caffeine — a strategic consultancy that works with leaders to help them define and deliver their vision quickly and smartly will be back in the House. Sign up for a final night of to speed-coaching. Bring your business challenges to this Purpose & Pace session.

Novelist Aditi Khorana and The Business Romantic Society Co-Founder (and House Co-Host) Tim Leberecht will be hosting the second of our VIP 15 Toasts dinners, 15 Toasts to Being Afraid of the Dark. 15 Toasts, launched in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and Thrive Labs, is a unique, story-based dinner format that creates a safe space for power and vulnerability to clink glasses. (Note: Pre-registration required).

Don’t miss our Salon Party, The Exponentially Human Experience. Hosted by Diffferent and DIFR (the names are indeed a beautiful coincidence), we will look at the Human Experience in times of exponential technologies through the eyes of artists and thinkers, and through the lens of data and technology. Change your perspective as you change rooms, and bring your own take to the table when it’s time for dessert.

If you’re still standing when the clock chimes 12, Typeform’s Mark Cinanni will be hosting our last Late Night Living Room. Don’t miss this final chance for some after after-hours talk and local port wine at our traditional midnight rendez-vous of lectures, readings, and conversations with residents and special guests.

For event timings click here for the full program. And if you haven’t got your ticket yet, there’s still time! Click here.

The House of Beautiful Business is a production of The Business Romantic Societyin collaboration with the BCG Henderson Institute and Siemens, as well as Typeform, HERE Technologies, Indeed Innovation, A Hundred Years, Caffeine, K Street Partners, Soulworx, Uberbrands, diffferent, Joint Idea, Gat Rooms, Moi Moi, and Girls in Tech.