Christian ‘Mio’ Loclair, Creative Director, Waltz Binaire

On dancing with AI and moonwalking with motherboards


Christian ‘Mio’ Loclair finds harmony in polarity. A computer scientist and choregrapher, Christian is the founder of Waltz Binaire, a creative studio that specializes in the intersection between art and technology. He founded the studio to explore “the poetic collision of human desire and cutting-edge technology [that] illustrate our present age with digital harmony and voltaic friction.”

Waltz Binaire designs synthetic realities and deeply engaging moments in immersive audio-visual experiences, digital narratives and interactive media performances. By applying generative design and artificial intelligence to the process, Christian’s studio translates data into meaningful artworks and converts algorithms into creative partners. He connects peoples through moving images, mobile platforms, theaters, and unusual stages around the world.

Take for example Soap and Milk (pictured below) — an interactive experience of data, allowing the observer to perceive social media as an overwhelming and organic figment. Each microscopic droplet represents a tweet and once an entity gets spawned — the viewer is invited to physically interact and explore its behavior.


Christian will be joining us in Lisbon to discuss new realities and identities and to perform his work. Until then, catch a glimpse of his unique performance style below:

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