Can Blockchain Be The Internet That We Always Wanted?

Find out more at the Conference of Beautiful Business that we will host on day 3 (November 5th, 2017) of the week-long House of Beautiful Business in Lisbon.

Left to Right: Blockchain experts Soenke Bartling, Caterina Rindi, and Rob Knight

A talk about blockchain is so expansive it’s like a talk about the internet. Clearly, its potential implications are enormous. From changing the future of financial transactions, to ending the trade conflict in the diamond mines, the possibilities are almost endless.

It’s raising plenty of questions too. Does blockchain technology threaten the quasi-monopoly of digital platforms? Will it create new jobs? And, perhaps most importantly, will it make us less or more human?

We’ll discuss this in detail at our “Blockchain and Humanity” conversation and workshop at the Conference of Beautiful Business, November 5th, 2017 in Lisbon.

Our panel of blockchain experts include:

· Soenke Bartling, scientist, radiologist, and Founder of Blockchain for Science;

· Caterina Rindi, a consultant and blockchain expert, who has been intimately involved with the technology since 2013, and is keen to use it for social impact;

· Rob Knight, Founder of Mattereum, whose company provides human arbitration services for Smart Contract disputes.

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