An Ode to the Salon

And an invitation to join us in bed…

The House of Beautiful Business, Barcelona 2017

At a moment in time where conversation with anyone and everyone is possible on demand, the nostalgia for intimate and exclusive exchanges of ideas is rising.

This dynamic will play out in Lisbon this November, where, in the shadow of what has become Europe’s largest live gathering of digital networked individuals, Web Summit, a new experiment will bloom.

The House of Beautiful Business can be seen in part as a tribute to the great Salons of Europe, which took place most famously in Paris, from the Enlightenment until the French Revolution. The Salons played an integral role in the cultural and intellectual development of France, and were key to the spread of ideas. Becoming the centre of intellectual as well as social exchange, the Salons brought people together under the roof of an inspiring host to not only increase the knowledge of the participants, but also to amuse one another.

The experience at the House of Beautiful Business will pay homage to the spirit of this inspiring form. Through uncommon spins on classical exchanges, as well as experimental new ones, we’ll debate, create and enrich our ideas and ourselves.

The Palacio

And as the salonnières experimented with different venues, so will we. From the grand Palacio de Conde de Óbidos, to our more cosy Studio, we will be hosting art installations, fireside chats, late night Fado music, and silent (as well as not so silent) parties.

And we’ll get even more personal, with a conversation on Modern Romance. Taking place, fittingly, in the bedroom, this session pays tribute to the early Salons, where the hostess would receive her guests on pillows and divans surrounding her bed. We’ll discuss our ideas and thoughts about romantic relationships in this digital and globally connected world.

Through the reclaiming and revitalisation of this form, we’ll be imagining new — and beautiful — futures. Join us as we seek to find coalition and harmony between the advancement of both technology and humanity.

For Silent Dinners, Salons, Socratic Dialogues and more, join us at the House of Beautiful Business in Lisbon, November 3–10, 2017, before and during Web Summit. Hosted in collaboration with the BCG Henderson Institute, the House will bring together executives from Fortune 500 and SMEs, start-up founders, nonprofit leaders, investors, writers, philosophers, scientists, designers, technologists, artists, and others to discuss and prototype how to lead with purpose and passion; how to build human companies and workplaces; and how to design for deeper connections in an age of exponential change and massive societal disruption.You can find more information and tickets at: